Best Icicle Christmas Lights

The holidays are a joyous time to celebrate with friends and family. However, this can be cut short when the Christmas bulbs burn out or you have to deal with tangled wires.

One solution to kick off your holiday a little more smoothly is to use the right Christmas lights. Icicles Christmas lights are especially helpful if you live in cold areas and you still want to set the mood for the festivities.

But how do you choose the best icicle Christmas lights? To help in your selection, we have compiled a list of the best LED and incandescent strings of lights.

1. Shoot Star Icicle Mtl 8ct

These icicle lights come in a string that measures 8½ feet. It comes with 8 icicles that hang down and each icicle is designed with 8 LED icicle lights. The icicles come in different lengths to give the lights a real look.

The flashing effect of these lights comes with a right “natural” speed to give an amazing effect. Just use them to light up your rooflines, door, windows, and porches.

Again, since they are very well priced, you may want to buy several of these lights to get a truly wondrous light display. Better yet, this icicle LED light is energy-efficient and uses 80% less power than standard bulbs.

2. LEDwholesalers Meteor Rain Light

Available at a price between $180 and $250, this set is considered expensive for some. However, it is worth the investment and is within the price range of most LED lights on the market.

This rain light is designed with 12 light tubes. Each tube measures ½” in diameter and 8”  long. Besides, it is possible to get light from both sides since the tubes feature a double-sided design.

The effect is quite fantastic. These lights can be used on the tree outside or on your Christmas tree inside. You can also place the lights along your walls, to give an appearance of meteor rain falling. The lights run down the tubes until it gets to the end where the light remains for an extra second.

However, it works well when used indoors. Besides, you can choose to put it on Christmas trees, stairs, or walls. Wherever you choose the lights, they will work perfectly without malfunctioning.

If you decide to use the lights outside, take note that they may have condensation on the tubes.

Also, the controller-transformer for the set is tightly sealed and may not work for outdoor use. Plus, you can choose between the “bright” white and the “warm” white depending on your preference.

3. Novelty Lights M5 Christmas LED Icicle Light Set

Now, this set is a bit more traditional. You start with a string that’s 15 feet long horizontally. At every 6 inches, another string drops that contain the icicle lights. To give a more realistic look, the drops have lengths that vary from 16 to 26 inches. This set comes with 150 LED lights that are available in different colors like white, red, and blue.

The bulbs feature a commercial-grade. This is because it uses M5 LED bulbs that are non-removable. Also, they do not flicker, which is a bonus.

Although these may be designed as commercial icicle lights, they are still affordable. What’s more, the lights don’t increase power consumption. This is because each set of lights uses only 14.4 watts. Furthermore, the set can be stringed together. For instance, when 14 sets are strung together, they will only use 201.6 watts.

The bulbs are available in different colors like blue, white. This makes it easier to decorate your home depending on your preferences. Plus, they look great for any outdoor activities at any time of the year. The build is durable and you can be assured that the lights will serve you for quite a long while.


Bring some nice chilly vibes to your home with icicle lights. String them by your home and on your trees for a transformed look. The effect can truly offer an exceptional experience for the Christmas season.

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